Economic Change’s Impact Snapshot in 2013

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Economic Change CIC is delighted to have worked with over 100 clients in 2013, providing support in the areas of social impact, management systems and business strategy.

We have worked with international to local clients across a wide range of sectors, from health and well-being, youth, economic development, regeneration, community empowerment, to international development. Our methods and processes can be applied across the board and we base our practices on recognised international standards and solutions.

We have worked with clients to redefine the way they run their organisation, providing three interlinked solutions to redefine their business strategy and social impact framework, streamline their management processes and embed all of this within a Salesforce CRM management system, or we have just simply worked with a client on implementing just one required solution.

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  • 42% of our client work has been focussed on helping organisations refine their management processes and implementing Salesforce CRM.
  • 39% of our client work has focussed on helping organisations measure and evaluate their social impact through training or independent evaluation.
  • 19% of our client has been focussed on helping leaders develop their business and fundraising strategies


On average our clients have rated our work as excellent.

58%  of our sales were with new customers and 38% with repeat customers 

We continually listen to feedback and strive to provide excellent high quality services, so in 2013, we decided to compliment our training, coaching and consultancy services with a range of e-books  around our core services to provide clients with a lasting resource of information. We have distributed over 200 e-books to our clients since they launched mid year.

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We asked our clients what impact the support had had on their organisation, and from those that responded:-

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  • 73% stated that the support would improve the efficiency of their organisation, particularly in the areas of simplified management processes, improved customer care and management and improved access to mgmt information.
  • 80% stated that their organisation would become more sustainable, particularly in the areas of monitoring and reporting on KPI’s more readily, reduced admin costs and achieving quality standards.
  • 79% stated they would be able to maximise their impact, particularly in regards to improved methods for measuring impact and evaluating the customer experience, to provide greater market intelligence.


Find out what some of our clients have to say….

Locality – We assisted Locality to adapt their Salesforce CRM to monitor and manage a range of KPI’s for national public sector contracts: Neighbourhood Planning, Our Place and Community Organisers.

Locality have worked with Economic Change on a number of projects in order to develop our Salesforce CRM. They are quick to understand our unique needs, Economic Change have provided excellent tailored solutions, that have helped to seamlessly improve and streamline our business processes. Work has included building custom objects in Salesforce, as well as researching, recommending and implementing apps that best suit our needs – and budget!

Economic Change have always worked closely with our team, to ensure we have a solid understanding of the system, and so that we can manage future changes and updates ourselves. Friendly, honest and always quick to respond – I would recommend any organisation to work with Heather and Economic Change!

Graydin and Myscience – Economic Change supported them during the tender writing process to review and refine their bid and social impact framework.

They successfully won the contract and are now delivering science CPD and coaching to 40 schools and 120 teachers across London.

‘Thankyou, the support was excellent. The advice supported and informed the way we chose to write our bid.’  McKenzie Elexis Cerri, Graydin.

Our Social Impact Training Masterclass has helped organisations from a wide range of sectors, including health, economy, housing, international development to civic design! 

‘The training will help us to use evaluation in a more smart and structured way.’ Virginia Nimarkoff, Brixton People’s Kitchen

‘It has helped us to realise that we should involve and report on the benefits to stakeholder.’Francine Asonibare, Quo Vadis Trust

‘Excellent Masterclass, well structured, good introduction, made me aware of what measuring social impact involves. Have places to start now!’ Vicky Garnet, True Adventure

‘The workshop provided 10 steps with very direct & clear descriptions. It has helped us set up a framework based on the various stakeholders & the organisations aims.’ Katie Crepeau-Harm, Public Interest Design 

We intend to publish a full impact report for 2013 by the end of March this year so watch this year.

To find out more about our work and read further testimonials visit our website

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