Is your helpline or support desk facing an unexpected surge in demand and are you worried about how to meet the needs of your ever growing service users with limited resources?

We can help you turn your helpline vision into a reality or completely revolutionise the one you already have to deal with the current demand levels. 

According to the Helpline Partnership – a leading body in the third sector for providing best practice on setting up charity helplines, they recommend charities consider several key elements to ensuring a robust helpline delivering high quality service user/caller experience; 

Is your current system fit for purpose: If you operate a telephone based helpline – is the necessary operational processes and procedures in place and embedded in your system? Are they adequate to operate your service effectively from initial caller acquisition through enquiry resolution? Salesforce CRM Service Cloud provides an all in one Case Management Solution to capture, record, detail, assign/transfer and route cases from end to end. The added advantage is that Service Cloud can integrate with ‘CTI’s’ and with Website generated enquiries/cases too. 

Is your system compatible with your website: Website forms and self-service portals can offer your service users a way to contact you without having to pick up the phone and allow you to capture a higher volume of enquiries effectively and efficiently with minimal resourcing or oversight – all with the power of automation. Features such as Web to Lead, Case Assignment and Escalation and Auto-Response Rules can all be set up and configured to ensure your users enquiries are registered, acknowledged and processed at speed. 

Is your system scalable and future proof: Can you deal with a large influx of calls or traffic outside of staff/volunteer operating hours? Service Cloud offers additional features such as AI Bots or Live Chat that can handle and process enquiries via your website without the intervention of staff/volunteers. Case Teams and Queues can also be adopted to ensure you optimise your team’s capacity and workloads or ensure the correct staff member recieves the appropriate enquiry based on expertise or seniority. 

Does your system lend itself to reporting on Outcome Measurement: Being able to report on key metrics whether internally or for funders/stakeholders alike is critical to secure ongoing funding and if your system operates in isolation of your reporting tools, then it makes life very cumbersome and more importantly will jeopordise the accuracy and validity of your helpline. Salesforce Service Cloud can easily integrate with it’s Impact Measurement platform – NPSP to enable your charity to build, report and analyse your helpline performance indicators

We’ve recently worked with A&D Support Services – providing a helpline for people experiencing and carers of those diagnosed with dementia to expand it’s helpline to enable them to accommodate a large expansion of callers by implementing Service Cloud features such as;  

  • Instigating automated case management to enable teams to field enquiries generated by email, phone or through the website 
  • Manage Case Workloads effectively and increase response times, 
  • Record, document and communication amongst team members and track progress of the Record Advocacy Service, 24 Hour Helpline (recording and following up with individual calls, enquiry type and action taken) including Case Escalation and Automation Rules to assign and route cases within the organisation allowing helpline staff to resolve cases more quickly.

We’re passionate advocates of Salesforce Service Cloud because many of the charities we have worked with have limited resources but high aspirations and want to extend their time, reach and scope without spending a fortune on a heavily resourced or complex system.

Let us help you transform your helpline for the future and empower your charity to handle your call volume and call quality confidently and with ease. 

We are running a series of three ‘How to get off the ground’  1 day virtual courses for free that will help empower charities to transition to operating digitally using Salesforce CRM. 

Salesforce offers 10 free user licenses for non-profits to get you up and running for free so why not take advantage of our special virtual courses to empower you to make a difference instantly?

Wednesday 1st April (10am-4pm, UK time) 
Make your Online Fundraising Campaigns a success with Salesforce NPSP for Charities

Join us to find out how Salesforce Non Profit Success Pack provides an out-of-the box solution for fundraising management for your non-profit, alonnside the added value features of online payments and gift aid. 

If you have multiple people managing fundraising activity for your organisation, the solution provides a one stop solution to manage stakeholders, correspondence, calendars, opportunities, campaigns and performance real-time and fosters collaboration and analytics.

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Thursday 2nd April (10am-4pm, UK time) 
How to get your Volunteer Programmes of the ground: Volunteer Management using Salesforce V4S

Join us to learn  how Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) provides an out-of-the box solution for managing volunteers for your non-profit. 

If you need to manage volunteer applications and then assign them to shifts, send them notifications and track deliverables, or create provision for self-support; enabling volunteers to sign up for sessions themselves, engage in a group conversation and peer support then this solution could be right for you.  

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Friday 3rd April (10am-4pm, UK time) 
How to get your Helpline off the Ground using Salesforce Service Cloud

Join us to learn how Service Cloud provides an out-of-the box solution. We will be covering; 

How Service Cloud can underpin and power the delivery and running of your helpline including creating, logging and tracking cases/calls, how to integrate online enquiries or support tickets and assign cases to team members, how to automate the case management process including how to route and escalate cases, or sending automated responses. Explore how to deploy automation to capture new enquiries and cases through web, email and mobile integration.

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Of course if you require detailed or ongoing support to help with your Salesforce Implementation we do offer a comprehensive package with prices starting at only £200 (plus VAT) per month. We also operate our Charity Discount Package Scheme.

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