Highlights from the Salesforce World Tour – London

“We are all Trailblazers.”

Salesforce World Tour is a grand scale event and a fantastic opportunity to hear latest announcements, be motivated by the scale and breadth of the Salesforce product offering and its capabilities.

You can also absorb Salesforce’s enthusiasm for encouraging individuals, staff, partners and organisations to fully engage and be trailblazers for the technology.


We’ve been reflecting on the World Tour held in London last week, here’s our highlights.


Tracking Impact the Salesforce Way.


Client Ashley Community Housing (ACH) have become a leading centre for refugee intelligence since using Salesforce. With their knowledge and understanding of refugee circumstances they are influencing policy and transforming their services. Speaking with Osman Ishal and Richard Thickpenny from ACH, we shared how implementing Salesforce at the organisation has transformed their ability to track their service delivery and impact more effectively. Catch up on the talk held in the Salesforce.org Lodge here.


Celebrating Salesforce Ohana with our Salesforce Supermums.


Salesforce Supermums our social enterprise initiative has been running for over 18 months now and we continue with our goal to get 200 mums back to work by 2020. We have designed a flexible training programme, incorporating live client project experience, supporting mums on a path to become certified Salesforce Admins.

At the World Tour, we were delighted to be specially invited to attend the Salesforce women’s mentoring event, joined by graduate and trainee Salesforce Supermums. We enjoyed a special kick-off talk from Tony Prophet, Chief Equality Officer at Salesforce. Salesforce is leading the agenda around equality and creating a workforce that is representative of the local community.

We love this supporting trailhead, perfect for understanding the benefits of having a diverse, inclusive workforce. We are delighted Salesforce Supermums is acknowledged as being part of this movement. Salesforce has a values and culture called ‘Ohana.’ If you haven’t already, you can join the Ohana family on the trailblazer community.


Create your a bespoke learning package with myTrailhead.

Did you know that with myTrailhead, that you can create your own personalised trail mix for your company and brand it. You can also create team challenges and goals to embrace trailheads and learning on the Salesforce platform. Find out more about myTrailhead here.


The Future of Salesforce


The momentum and continued growth of Salesforce inspires us all. During the key note speech, Global Chief Marketing Officer Simon Mulcahy shared the idea that we are experiencing a 4th Industrial Revolution with the age of ‘Intelligence’.

The huge opportunity that stood out for us though, was the size and opportunity of the Salesforce Economy, with IDC forecasting it will provide 3.3 milliion new jobs by 2020.


Be part of the story!


Encouraged by all that you have heard? You can be a trailblazer too. You can join the trailblazer community, become a Salesforce admin or embrace Salesforce for your non-profit.


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