How to build a Change Management Team

How to build a Change Management Team to avoid a Digital Transformation Bellyflop 

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Below we have provided a snippet of information related to ‘Step 4 – Building a Team’ which covers the key roles and responsibilities of a change management team.  

There are some considerations when building a team:  

  • This team has the responsibility for enabling and championing digital transformation throughout the organisation. They must have adequate time, be committed, excited, experienced or trained to fulfil their important roles.   
  • Depending on the size of your organisation and their skills, people may wear multiple hats in this team structure rather than have individuals for each role.  
  • Some of the internal roles are not specifically recruited for this project, so it’s likely that these individuals will have normal day jobs within the organisation but they will take on extra responsibilities. Consider how these individuals may be rewarded or compensated.  
  • Depending on your organisational culture, the leader or managers may nominate, or people might self-nominate for the different roles.  
  • Some of the roles like coaches, counsellors and specialists may be optional depending on the nature, scale and type of project.  
  • We would suggest reading through the rest of the guide and also considering the Belbin Team Types Model (1981) to create a balanced composition in regards to personality, skills and experience.  




Business Ambassador  Executive Sponsorship  

Communicating the vision  

Allocating necessary resources  

Defining a clear escalation process 

Empowering the team to make decisions 

Business Champions  Providing business input from their area  

Aligning and streamlining processes 

Managing feedback loop with stakeholders 

Managing roll out of solution to end-users  

Business Analyst  Assessing suitability of proposed new solution 

Ensuring there is cost-benefit analysis  

Testing and approving final solution is fit for purpose 

Technical Experts   Identify and prioritising the client’s requirements 

Creating a solution to meet the needs of the business 

Providing technical input and designing a solution 

Change Management  Consultant  Coaches and guides the leaders of change 

Creates a structure for the change management process   

Project Management  Creates the project plan 

Manages the implementation on time and budget 

Coordinating the efforts of team members  

Communications   Creates a communications plan for different stakeholders  

Delivers the communication strategy  


Specialists  Provides specialist expertise or knowledge as required depending on the solution in question. 
Trainers   Providing training to Champions 

Provide training to end-users as required 

Coaches  Provide coaching to employees to enable them to explore and identify what the change means to them.  

Providing coaching to leaders and champions to manage change. 

Facilitator  Facilitating workshops/discussions amongst teams and stakeholders to manage conflicts, aid decision-making and discuss solutions. 
Counsellors  Provides counselling to individuals particularly in situations where the change will affect them adversely.  

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