Impact Measurement for Volunteers – free briefing paper

1350469531-3833mDemonstrating the activity of volunteers and the contribution of volunteering to the organisation and society is increasingly important to a number of stakeholders, especially funders, so it’s important to define what to collect, how to collect it, when to analyse it and what to do with the information.

The first step is to develop an impact framework that will help you capture a range of information, for example:

  • The diversity, demographics, goals and motivations of volunteers
  • The extent of delivery e.g. hrs and £ in-kind contribution that volunteers provide.
  • The personal, social and economic benefits they gain from the experience.
  • The positive value they contribute for the organisation through their relationship and achievements with beneficiaries
  • The wider contribution of volunteers to the sustainability and growth of your organisation in terms of financial, in-kind and human resources.

Download our free briefing paper to find out more about best practice on impact measurement, a sample set of indicators, a list of further resources, and guidance for setting up a management system.

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