Make your Volunteers Count. 

Now’s the time to capitalise on all that social goodwill and potential pool of volunteers who have approached your charity. But are you fretting on how to manage and co-ordinate their efforts? Here are our 4 barriers which can prevent your volunteer programmes from succeeding and the proven solutions to overcome them. 


Poor Volunteer Retention: does your charity struggle to keep volunteers? Volunteers can feel suffer from a change in circumstances, meaning they have less time then originally expected, or they are confused about how they can help and to what degree they can commit time or they have had a bad experience of volunteering in the past which affects their level of engagement or motivation. With Volunteer4Salesforce you can easily create schedules, search and assign volunteers to shifts by skills or expertise OR display opportunities on a public calendar and create shift slots for volunteers to self select and amend, to accommodate their needs. 

Engage & Empower your volunteers from the outset: Volunteers want to feel valued, engaged, and part of a team. Volunteer 4 Salesforce Package offers Chatter Free Licenses thats allows you to create a discussion area for volunteers to provide feedback, ask questions and etc. You can also enable a public Knowledge Area that can be accessed by volunteers to look at FAQ or you can enable them to create a Case, that can be dealt with by one of the team on the helpdesk. When they feel like they are heard and are making a difference, they are more likely to stick around.

Make it easy to help: Features such as online forms and personal profiles makes the whole process easier from the application stage to the moment volunteers discontinue service. Volunteers can highlight their skills set and strengths or areas of interest, sign up for new slots or volunteering opportunities, check their schedules, look at updates, or even convert into donors  through seamless integration with your website and Salesforce NPSP which works in conjunction  to update your volunteer’s record and information. 

Manage workloads & Promote future opportunities: Communication is essential to engaging, retaining and converting your volunteers into potential donors, so staying in regular touch and communicate their impact is critical. Sending email reminders for confirmed shifts, or simple thank you emails can be customised and automated using V4S. After a volunteer leaves, you should still keep in touch, because you never know what opportunities might appeal to them in the future. Also, you want them to think of your organization when their schedule opens up. You can send opportunity notifications, or you can send manual messages to connect with volunteers on a more personal level. Either way, focus on building positive relationships to keep volunteers coming back. Volunteers want to see the results of their contributions. Improve volunteer retention by recognizing them for their accomplishments, update them on the organization’s progress, so they will always feel like part of the team.

Easy Reporting: An added bonus is that you can easily track detailed records of every volunteer, from hours served to tasks completed, you can prove to funders or senior management alike that volunteers are making the most of the available resources.

When we worked with The Shaw Trust to free them of the shackles of endless spreadsheets to implementing Volunteer 4 Salesforce and increase their volunteer base by 31% over a period of 12 months.

Let’s get your charity’s volunteering vision off the ground today. 

We are running a series of three ‘How to get off the ground’  1 day virtual courses for free that will help empower charities to transition to operating digitally using Salesforce CRM. 

Salesforce offers 10 free user licenses for non-profits to get you up and running for free so why not take advantage of our special virtual courses to empower you to make a difference instantly?

Wednesday 1st April (10am-4pm, UK time) 
Make your Online Fundraising Campaigns a success with Salesforce NPSP for Charities

Join us to find out how Salesforce Non Profit Success Pack provides an out-of-the box solution for fundraising management for your non-profit, alonnside the added value features of online payments and gift aid. 

If you have multiple people managing fundraising activity for your organisation, the solution provides a one stop solution to manage stakeholders, correspondence, calendars, opportunities, campaigns and performance real-time and fosters collaboration and analytics.

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Thursday 2nd April (10am-4pm, UK time) 
How to get your Volunteer Programmes of the ground: Volunteer Management using Salesforce V4S

Join us to learn  how Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) provides an out-of-the box solution for managing volunteers for your non-profit. 

If you need to manage volunteer applications and then assign them to shifts, send them notifications and track deliverables, or create provision for self-support; enabling volunteers to sign up for sessions themselves, engage in a group conversation and peer support then this solution could be right for you.  

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Friday 3rd April (10am-4pm, UK time) 
How to get your Helpline off the Ground using Salesforce Service Cloud

Join us to learn how Service Cloud provides an out-of-the box solution. We will be covering; 

How Service Cloud can underpin and power the delivery and running of your helpline including creating, logging and tracking cases/calls, how to integrate online enquiries or support tickets and assign cases to team members, how to automate the case management process including how to route and escalate cases, or sending automated responses. Explore how to deploy automation to capture new enquiries and cases through web, email and mobile integration.

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Of course if you require detailed or ongoing support to help with your Salesforce Implementation we do offer a comprehensive package with prices starting at only £200 (plus VAT) per month. We also operate our Charity Discount Package Scheme. 

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