Course Overview

Be empowered with the right skills and knowledge to plan effectively for the implementation of a CRM system. A CRM can support all core functions; fundraising, marketing, grant management, service delivery and impact. 

If you have been tasked with implementing a CRM, then this course is for you!


Course Objectives

Our course will help you to: 

  • Understand what a CRM can offer
  • Prepare a specification for what you need a CRM to do
  • Facilitate conversations with team members about what a CRM can deliver
  • Ask the right questions to CRM and Consultancy partners 
  • Apply for funding for your CRM 
  • Consider Salesforce as a CRM Solution

Course Structure

  • The course is available online and accessible to watch anytime, anywhere.
  • The course provides guidance and structure on how to plan for a CRM
  • It is based on best practice principles taught on the BCS Business Analysis and Salesforce Consultancy Courses. 
  • The course provides up to 8 hrs of content to read and listen too with recommended further reading.