Is your current method of measuring impact fit for purpose. Could you imagine revolutionising your current systems for a bolder, better future for your charity?


Impact Measurement is a popular term, and there are a myriad of methods and solutions available. At Economic Change CIC, we are passionate about supporting charities harness impact measurement solutions that are suitable and effective to their individual organisation. 

We regularly implement Salesforce CRM (Client Relationship Management System) for organisations who want to measure the impact of their work, whether they are working with disadvantaged or vulnerable groups or other third sector organisations. We chose Salesforce CRM as our preferred CRM due to the large discounts they offer non-profits via, the flexibility to customise to suit the client’s needs, the extensive capabilities available on the platform, as well integration with third party solutions.

Our clients’ rationale for implementing Salesforce CRM, is often to move away from the disparate collection of data in spreadsheets or inflexible databases that don’t collect the data they need. Instead they want to collect and analyse data real-time in an efficient, affordable and sustainable way, whilst also getting an in-depth picture of their beneficiary’s progress to evaluate quality of care and customer service. It’s about client relationships, not just about data collection, which is why a CRM is the way forward.

What are some of the key benefits you ask?

Empowering staff to work remotely: Frontline staff need to input data on the move, with Salesforce Mobile App – they can access, create or update client records instantly and upload them safely, securely and with ease whether its from a smartphone or a tablet. For example, it’s being used by volunteers, youth workers and care workers in the community to make their life more efficient and admin-friendly.

Adoption of Online forms and surveys:  Empower multiple stakeholders to input data straight into your CRM by using integrated survey tools that sync with Salesforce. This immediately enables you to create one place to collate and analyse all of your data related to individuals or organisations in real-time. This tool is regularly used for application forms, diagnostic forms, feedback forms, monitoring forms, competition entries etc.

Access to quick and flexible reporting: A flexible reporting tool empowers users to set up custom reports and graphs to analyse any data contained within the system real-time. You can use the standard reports and dashboards tool in Salesforce CRM or upgrade to the new Wave Analytics tool for even greater analysis.

Provide secure access to external partners or teams: Individuals can be given secure access to Salesforce CRM by using community partner or customer licenses to edit or view the data only relevant to them.

Analyse differences in demographics and impact: By collecting all of your data in one place about your clients, including demographic details and outcome data, you can easily set up graphs to enable you analyse any differences in impact across age, gender, location, ethnicity etc.

Measure distance travelled: If you collect consistent data at different stages of a beneficiary’s journey you can collate this data in one record, and set up formulas to analyse the unique and collective average change of beneficiaries at different stages of the intervention.


We are advocates of Salesforce CRM because it provides secure access to multiple stakeholders to help collect data for monitoring and analysis of impact on a real-time basis and of course offers an all in one solution to meet your current and future impact measurement needs. 

As part of our Digital Transformation Series we will be showcasing examples of how charities have leveraged Salesforce specifically to address their impact measurement needs in turn allowing them advanced, streamlined and improved data intelligence. 

So stay tuned and join us to learn how to grow, expand and upscale your organisation’s capacity to meet your strategic goals and mission for 2020.

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