Powering up your Volunteer Management – Using Online Forms & Forums

Adopting & Integrating tools for data capture with your Salesforce Instance: An introduction to online registration forms

Following on from our last topic on website integration we thought it would be useful to focus on a specific example – the use of data capture through online forms. 

If you currently manage or are looking to recruit volunteers as part of your services or  fundraising campaign then the likelihood is that you’ll need to gather contact and background information on each of your individual ‘applicants’. If you already have that information to hand, it might be that you are keeping it on paper records or on an excel spreadsheet. 

So if your using Salesforce to manage other areas of your organisation or service delivery how exactly can you incorporate this information or develop an automated process so as to easily capture, collect, store and make optimum use of it?

We use third party tools that provide online forms that are easily customisable and with a few clicks can be adopted and integrated with both your website and your Salesforce Instance easily capturing information at source (either through the use of mobile apps or at desktop computer) and seamlessly transferring this information directly into your Salesforce Instance without any manual data entry or intervention. 

There are many options available but we opt for Form Assembly because they have a specific Salesforce Connector and offer an amazing discount for non-profits that is one of the best in the market place. 

To demonstrate how and why online registration forms are used for Volunteer Management we are focusing the spotlight on one of our charities – Trailblazers

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