Success factors Part 2: The importance of getting excited about Salesforce

In our latest blog series, we are focussing on the ways you can make your Salesforce implementation project successful. This week, in Part 2 we focus on the importance of getting your colleagues excited about Salesforce and how you can do this.

It’s really important to get everyone excited about a new system and a new way of working during the CRM implementation process. Having internal buy-in and enthusiasm is one of the core components of a change management strategy that we help our customers to deploy. One of the first questions we ask our clients when we start a new implementation project is.. “Are your team excited and how can we support this?” 

So how do you get your team excited about Salesforce?

Here’s our top tips for success :

  • Excite people with management dashboards – find out what type of reports and graphs they would find useful as part of their job and engage them with some example dashboards to show real-time data.


  • Listen to customer success stories – read case studies and tune into our range of pre-recorded webinars we have delivered with customers and let them hear about the benefits that Salesforce has delivered for them. Invite your team to attend the next Salesforce Non-Profit Connected Event in London to hear from customers directly.


  • Get the team involved in the design process – anxiety can often stem from lack of control and the unknown about what is coming, so put your end-users in the driving seat and let them contribute to the design of how the new system will work within a design workshop.


  • Communicate the vision – be clear on the rational and the benefits for each team member that supports the change and reinforce this in communications throughout the process.


  • Be clear on your ROI outcomes for the project – the senior management team like to see financial cost-savings and gains from a new project which might be tangible e.g savings on other software products, or in-tangible e.g. improved team happiness and co-ordination. It’s important to define goals at the outset and to celebrate success following the project roll-out period.


If you are interested in talking to us about our Change Management Coaching or Salesforce Support services then contact us or come and talk to us directly at the Non-Profit Connected Event.


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