Success factors Part 1: what makes your Salesforce project work?

Success Factors Part 1: What makes your Salesforce project work?

Based our extensive experience, there are some clear success factors for non-profits effectively adopting Salesforce. Here are our top tips:

  • Having an internal project manager who understands and can manage the overall CRM project – what to prepare, how to support and when to do things.
  • Train up one or more of your internal members of staff as a Salesforce administrator from the start of the project so they have an understanding of the system can do and how it can meet their customer needs right from the start.
  • Being an internal Salesforce Admin is a long term job – it’s important to keep your system development as a live project. Maintain conversations with the team about what they need and discuss new release features and Salesforce products.
  • Learn from peer support – it’s great to check in with other colleagues in the sector to learn new stuff and share challenges to help you keep your confidence and enthusiasm rather than working in isolation.
  • Ask an expert for one-to-one support – we know sometimes you will need more guidance, and you can’t always afford a block of one-to-one hours but a few mentoring sessions maybe enough to troubleshoot your issues with a volunteer or a consultant.

How we can help you to get started. ..

CRM Readiness Course

Apply to join our free online CRM Readiness course in October which will give non-profits a full briefing on how and what to do. Contact us

Watch our free Salesforce Champion Client Case Study Webinars – Find out more here

Virtual Salesforce Admin Training

For staff members who are responsible for back-end internal administration of their Salesforce system. If your organisation is adopting Salesforce we would advise joining the course as early as possible. The curriculum covers the learning objectives required to take the Salesforce Administrator certification, as well as the fundamentals of the Non Profit Success Pack.

The course consists of:

  • Fortnightly – 2.5hr Live Training & Mentoring Webinars, which will also be recorded.
  • Weekly – 8hrs of Homework and Self Study
  • Access to Salesforce Champion Membership for one year (see below)
  • Online chatter group for peer support and Litmos LMS access for one year
  • 3 x 1hr one to one mentoring calls
  • £1500 plus Vat per person

Next courses start October 15th 2018 & 19th November 2018.

Salesforce Champion Membership

For training and qualified Admins who want to learn advanced topics e.g. Advanced Administrator, Platform App Builder and Consultancy certifications. The membership is an annual membership package which provides mentoring, training and peer-support to assist ongoing learning, development and adoption of your Salesforce system.

  • Fortnightly 1hr group mentoring calls – General and Training Topic Q&A
  • Monthly Live Training Webinars, which will also be recorded. (Topics will be voted on)
  • 2 x 1 day Champion Workshops in London
  • A series of customer ‘Insight’ case study webinars
  • Online peer chatter group to connect and support each other.
  • 2 x virtual mentoring 1hr sessions
  • Request for a volunteer Supermum mentor for 6hrs of virtual support (subject to availability)

£500 Per annum or £60 per month plus VAT

What our students say…

‘I found the current format helped me keep on track as I had weekly deadlines to complete the learning objectives.’
‘I think the live webinars worked well, as we could interject if we needed clarification on something at the time.’
‘I really liked the course cohort structure as it gave me a structure and a group of peers to work with.’
‘ I liked having a group of people to work with and learn from. I liked interacting with the tutors.’
‘The format of the course, in terms of being in a specific cohort with weekly webinars and homework, really worked for me.’

Contact us for more information about membership or our courses.

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