Each year we focus on key themes for management and technology in the sector, through our blogs, webinars and resources. We listen to your challenges, and share our learnings to empower all our clients to embrace new technologies, help teams work smarter, maximise stakeholder engagement and improve customer satisfaction.

Here are our top 5 themes you should know about for 2018…

  • [highlight dark=”no”]Data protection[/highlight] – the hot topic is still data protection and GDPR, and making sure you have a secure CRM with good data management is right at the top of the list. Compliance is as much down to how a CRM is designed, managed and used by a team, alongside the security of the platform itself. Find out how we are helping with teams get ready for GDPR.

  • [highlight dark=”no”]Less typingmore talking[/highlight] – good quality customer service is paramount. A key trend here is embracing immediacy, and engaging with and talking to customers directly via live chat. So how do you record these conversations within your CRM? We are using an exciting range of features within Service Cloud to help clients improve their Customer Service Support Desk.

  • [highlight dark=”no”]Connecting the conversations[/highlight] – As social media is becoming an increasingly prominent way to engage, organisations are asking how to record and connect social media conversations into their CRM. Typically, the two digital solutions tend to be isolated so data sits in silos, which is problematic if you’re trying to understand the full picture of your customer interactions. Connecting your CRM with social media platforms is increasingly becoming an important return on investment metric. Salesforce Social Studio offers this solution.

  • [highlight dark=”no”]Building longer-term relationships[/highlight] – strong customer relationships are at the core of any organisation (and also echoed in the GDPR guidance). The key is understanding and respecting customer choices to nurture positive and meaningful relationships. From a regulatory and perspective, emphasis is on encouraging an ongoing opt-in status for marketing. This will probably massively influence how you engage stakeholders in the longer-term. Your whole team needs to think about your customer journey. Our dedicated Marketing Solutions Consultants are tackling this topic in our first webinar of the year – Tracking the Impact of Your Campaigns With Salesforce.

  • [highlight dark=”no”]Get Smart[/highlight] – improve customer service by embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is about using existing data and information to better inform, advise and understand how to help your stakeholders more readily by learning from past trends and outcomes and building on knowledge available. Welcome to Salesforce Einstein!

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