10 Steps to Becoming an Impact Champion

Salesforce Champions: 10 Steps to Championing Impact

Ten Steps to become an Impact Champion

If you’re a team member responsible for improving the impact of your organisation, then join us to find out how our acclaimed 10 step process to Measuring Impact and utilising Salesforce can make your life easier.

One of our clients, Becky Smith from Cultureshift , shares their experience about how they applied our 10 step process to their own organisation.

At Culture Shift they put creativity to work to create positive change. In their provision of services, Culture Shift brings an approach which is grounded in our values of collaboration, creativity and innovation, and enriched by their expertise in the arts.

Over the course of a year they developed a theory of change, developing monitoring tools and implemented Salesforce using our Supermums charity discount programme.

At Economic Change, our approach is based on 17 years’ experience and 8 years of practical application, with over 500 non-profits. We are passionate about helping Impact Champions to develop a theory of change, create an impact framework and implement a Salesforce system to measure their impact real-time. Our new tailored support package covers information for developing an impact framework whether it’s defining your indicators or developing monitoring tools and systems.

Find out how you can:

  • Prove your value to funders

  • Monitor and evaluate beneficiary impact real-time

  • Evaluate quality and performance

Watch the Webinar here >>

On the webinar we will share an overview of our 10 step process to successfully embed impact management and Salesforce within your organisation, to help you identify what success looks like for your organisation.

We will also be sharing with you our new Impact Champion Package – suitable for individuals who want to learn our step-by-step approach to Impact Measurement and developing Salesforce Monitoring Systems which offers virtual online training and mentoring support to provide guidance and support.

Client testimonials: Find out how we worked with YMCA Humber and Viewpoint to manage their impact.

Simon from Viewpoint participated in our latest Salesforce Champion webinar to talk about Salesforce for small charities.

“Economic Change have been fantastic at helping us look at our internal processes so that we would really work how we do things and how we can record our activity in an easy way. Many of our requirements were bespoke, meaning that we had to work together to get a shared understanding of what outputs we wanted. We were able to start learning about the administrative side of Salesforce early on in the design process, ensuring that we could build up our in house skills to perform further tweaks and adjustments in the future.“

Read more and listen to the webinar here >> 

Chris from YMCA Humber participated in the Behind the Impact Webinar Series with Salesforce and Economic to talk about using Salesforce for Impact. Chris talks about the support he received from Economic Change:

‘‘Working with Economic Change has helped the staff to engage and understand the benefits of a new approach and system – whether it is freeing up their capacity to spend more time on the front line, coordinating service user assessments or introducing new ways of collecting data instead of using paper. At YMCA, allocated project team members have been provided with Salesforce admin training by Economic Change to empower them to update and evolve their system architecture to meet the needs of the team now and in the future as new requirements are identified and projects started.”

Read more and watch the webinar here>>

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