Grant Management for Locality

The Context

Locality is a national membership network supporting local community organisations to be strong and successful. They provide specialist advice, peer-learning, resources, and campaigns to create better operating conditions for their members, as well as managing a number of grant giving programmes.

The Challenge

  • Migrate thier data sets into a comprehensive system to manage all of their grant giving programmes, previously run using a plethora of spread sheets.
  • A solution to facilitate collaborative working with staff across multiple sites and locations.
  • A data management & reporting tool to cater to strict & tight data handling requirements from Government Contracts.
  • Flexibility to cope with both financial grants and skills-based consultancy support.
  • A need to improve membership management processes and analytics.
  • To improve analysis on helpdesk questions and answers.

The Solution

  • Custom objects created to enable the management of the grant giving process from application, through assessment to approvals.
  • Cloud based nature of Salesforce platform facilitates collaborative working on grant applications by Locality employees across all UK offices.
  • Third party apps used to collect application information from online forms and import directly into Salesforce records. As well as generate contracts and support documents at the touch of a button.
  • Automation of processes (identified during Design phase) using workflows and Process Builder.
  • Automated alerts sent out when application moves to a new user for actioning, ensuring process keeps to required timelines SLAs.
  • Online payment platform integrated for membership payments with advisory on solutions for e-marketing and events management.
  • Service cloud features and fields improved for case management analysis
“Economic Change are quick to understand our unique needs by providing excellent tailored solutions, that have helped to seamlessly improve and streamline our business processes. They have always worked closely with our team, to ensure we have a solid understanding of the system, and so that we can manage future changes and updates ourselves. Friendly, honest and always quick to respond – I would recommend any organisation to work with Economic Change!”
Margaret Adjaye
Director of Delivery and Learning
"Trust is key. We trust that our Salesforce system is flexible enough to cope with the different grant-making processes that we manage. We trust the reliability and robustness of the data coming out of Salesforce, and just as importantly, so do our contracting clients.”
Nicola Berry
Delivery Support Officer

The Results

  • Huge time efficiencies generated by:
    • direct capture of application information into Salesforce
    • automation of processes
    • creation of contracts and documents at touch of a button
    • automation of pre-configured standard reports
  • Improved collaboration using:
    • cloud based Salesforce platform linking all offices
    • Chatter-enabled communications
    • automated tasks / alerts to users
  • Greater control and management of entire process with all data accessible on line and in one place.
  • Robust Salesforce system gives Locality the confidence to bid for more contract work, as well as the track record and credibility to win these contracts.

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