Impact management for UpRising

UpRising’s mission is to open up the pathways to leadership for talented young adults from diverse and under-represented backgrounds and to equip them with the knowledge, networks, skills and confidence to fulfil their leadership potential, find new opportunities and transform the world around them through social action.

The Context

UpRising is constantly seeking to reduce administration and overhead costs as well as market and communicate more effectively with its stakeholders. For funding, It relies on Trusts and Foundations, public donations and the government, however managing these engagements while keeping on top of its growing portfolio of programs has been challenging.

Management knew it needed to invest in a technology solution that would provide a 360 degree view of all its stakeholders.

The Challenge

Managing various communication channels and streams with a myriad of growing audiences – in particular the Alumni Community. Develop a more streamlined and accurate profile of individuals on thier database and be able to produce more targeted communications and marketing content to match thier interests and needs A management tool to effectively engage with volunteers and nurture relationships with key supporters, donors and funding bodies Manage programme delivery and operations across different locations including tracking project expenditure and costs

The Solution

Economic Change designed a Salesforce platform using our Programme Management Solution with custom apps including Eventbrite and Clicktools to enable the organisation to:

  • deliver on national and local programme management
    create a rigorous management system that allows tracking key performance indicators & monitor the progression of programmes across the year.
  • Document, Monitor and Report on beneficiary interventions and activities throughout the learning journey stages
  • Manage volunteer engagement and onboarding with matching to members
  • Generate accurate and real time data & reports on key outputs and outcomes such as volunteer hours, alumni contribution, number of speakers, improvements in skills and advancement into leadership positions
  • Provide a HR solution for the national team.
  • Devise a bespoke finance solution to manage the bookkeeping process
“The implementation of Salesforce has allowed us to comprehensively manage our portfolio of programmes on projects on a national scale. This has been vital as we expand our delivery of programmes and locations and has allowed us to not only retain the organizational knowledge that has previously been lost, but to also cope with the expansion of our work ensuring that quality standards are met. The support provided by Economic Change in this regard has been essential. The work that goes in to developing a specific system for an organisation such as ours is only matched by the continual development work, particularly over the first couple of years of implementation to ensure that the processes and tools are both applicable and useful to the staff. Economic Change have been there every step of the way with us and have been instrumental in this development of our organisation.”
Karl Hankinson
Director of Programmes and Operations

The Results

Getting Insights on Programs

With 30 programs running every year across 8 locations, UpRising is always recruiting. Working with Impact Partner, Economic Change, they developed a solution which gives them an in-depth view of program participants and unique insights across their programs which they can now use to develop those programs and also to satisfy funder requirements.

“We have embedded Salesforce into our national and local programme management, creating a rigorous management system that allows us to track our key performance indicators and monitor the progression of our programmes across the year,” said Karl Hankinson, Director of Programmes and Operations

“From the very first contact, a young person’s journey with us is tracked and stored, from their initial expression of interest through their engagement on the programme; from the opportunities they take part in as an alumnus to their future contribution back into the programmes as a speaker, mentor or volunteer.

“This allows us to report accurate data on key outputs and outcomes such as volunteer hours, alumni contribution, number of speakers, improvements in skills and advancement into leadership positions.”

Streamlining Financial Management

With success in moving Program Management over to Salesforce, UpRising also rolled out Salesforce for its Human Resources and Finance functions. This has proven to reduce administration significantly and will lead to cost reductions in bookkeeping time and costs.

“We are now using Salesforce to assist project managers with management accounting and to monitor the grant reporting deadlines. It has been invaluable in a nationwide, fast moving charity like UpRising.”

“I am delighted that we have taken the step to embed Salesforce as our CRM,” said Alice Memminger, CEO, UpRising. “Salesforce is already making a huge difference to how effective and efficient we can be.”

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