Improving Membership Management for Visionary

The Context

Visionary is a membership organisation providing infrastructure support to local sight loss organisations in the UK. Our aim is to establish a strong sustainable national network of high quality local voluntary organisations to join up with national organisations and public sector providers to ensure that all people living with sight loss in the UK can access the services they need at a local level when they need them.

The Challenge

  • Before the introduction of Salesforce, records were kept on a myriad of spread sheets, Word documents and paper files.
  • When Visionary expanded from 40 to 140 member organisations, they needed a robust database integrated into new operational processes that would help them cope with new scale of the organisation. During this expansion, Visionary wanted to show members that they were becoming a more professional organisation capable of delivering more than they had ever been able to before.
  • As an organisation that promotes the inclusion of people with sight loss in the work place including their own personnel affected by sight loss, it was really important that the database could be accessed by people using screen readers and screen magnifiers.

The Solution

Economic Change provided business analysis and technical development work to improve membership management, intelligence and support.

  • Tailor the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud platforms to accommodate Visionary’s expanded membership and facilitate the management of the entire lifecycle of an organisation.
  • Enable tracking of member interactions through Case Management, Activity and Outlook for Salesforce so as to provide insight into what members are doing and what support is most highly appreciated.
  • Integration of Form Assembly to capture membership information, event management and annual reporting needs.
  • Creation of a sophisticated Data Analysis Tool to identify National Visual Impairment Priority Areas against Provision of Members.
  • Adopt Salesforce’s in-built suite of reports and dashboards to enable Board reports and complex information on outputs and outcomes to be created at the touch of a button
  • Supply Integration with screen readers that enable vision-impaired staff and members to access information and function effectively in their roles – allowing Visionary to ‘practice what it preaches’.
“Fortunately our biggest issue now is trying to contain the excitement for just how much we can achieve with Salesforce. The possibilities for integration, new insight, evidencing impact are endless – far beyond what could be achieved with most other database solutions. Economic Change have done a world of good for our organisation through their Salesforce support and I have absolute confidence in their CRM and impact measurement expertise. They have changed the way we work to help our team embed more efficient processes, save on admin time, and create a better experience for our members. They play a very valuable role in strengthening the third sector in my opinion. For us, accessibility for people with sight loss and the assistive technology they use was really important. Our partner understood these needs and already had a good level of awareness. They also put us in touch with Salesforce directly when they were not able to answer questions themselves”
Alexa Sage
Development and Innovation Manager

The Results

  • Major efficiency gains from automating data collection processes and holding all information centrally with easy navigation.
  • Pre-populated web forms save time for members, as well as ensuring that they receive a more professional user experience.
  • Board reports are now almost real-time, rather than almost out-of-date, enabling them to gain a clearer, more accurate understanding of performance.
  • Expanded staff base has a better 360 degree view of what is going on across the membership and the expanded organization.
  • As a membership organisation, Visionary can now, in turn, advise members on the benefits of investing in a Salesforce CRM system and the steps they need to take to ensure a successful implementation.

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