It’s back to school this September for charities wanting to learn about digital transformation


Welcome to our brand new thought series which will aim to help charities to plan, introduce and integrate their technology solutions.

Over the next three months we hope to inspire you to think through the 9 different ways to integrate technology that can result in tangible benefits including:

  • A reduction on financial leakage
  • Saving time and money
  • Maximising income by improving use of your data.

Over the course of the next 3 months, each week we will share useful planning tools, host webinars and share relevant case studies to guide your learning and plan your requirements. 

To follow and participate in the conversation, you can choose to; 

At the heart of the technology is your CRM system and this needs to provide or interact with a range of other solutions to achieve the ultimate solution. During the next three months we will help you think through what you need for: 

1. CRM System  
2. Online Payments 
3. Email Integration 
4. E-Marketing Integration
5. Website Integration
6. Online Surveys 
7. Data Analytics
8. Collaboration Tools
9. Financial Integration 

To kick off the conversation, we start with discussing your CRM Roadmap for your whole organisation. We will cover more on this topic next week but in the meantime you might like to apply for our free CRM planning course


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