4 ways to help your charity divert funds to the front-line

Could you help your charity divert funds to the front-line?  

We empower charities to maximise impact through preventing financial leakage and allowing funds to be diverted front-line activities. Here are 4 things your team could address to save time and money though improved efficiencies. By reducing admin costs, you can re-allocate time and money to your charitable activities. 

  1. Don’t spend money on marketing activities without monitoring or knowing the return on investment.
  2. Don’t spend time manually sending emails that could be personalised and automated by a system.
  3. Don’t spend time inputting data that could be captured via online/offline forms completed by external stakeholders or mobile devices out in the field.
  4. Don’t spend time compiling and analysing siloed data to report on impact when you could have a centralised CRM with real-time analytics

An investment in a system is an upfront cost but it provides a long term gain for a charity. Our customer stories are living proof of this.

Our team members have worked on the front-line in charities and have seen the transformation first-hand. They now inspire and help other charities to achieve the same as believe in helping charities maximise their impact and saving time and money. They have worked for small to international charities amongst them and stand by the power of Salesforce to maximise a return on investment.. Meet our team here

Take action today to better utilise your charitable funds. We can provide training, mentoring or consultancy support to digitise your processes and systems. 

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