Client Feature – Community Centre Theory of Change

We have recently worked with Bridge Renewal Trust (BRT) on creating a Social Impact Framework for their community asset portfolio, with a specific focus on the Chestnuts Community Centre in South Tottenham. The work was funded by the Impact Readiness Fund, a £1.5 million pilot fund managed by the Social Investment Business for the Cabinet Office.

Working with The Bridge Renewal Trust we facilitated team meetings and undertook research to:

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  • Identify best practice indicators and methods in community asset impact measurement provided by influencers such as the Big Lottery
  • Identify impact indicators of interest to their stakeholders e.g. local commissioners, national funders, volunteers and community centre users.
  • Develop a theory of change framework
  • Develop a logic model
  • Review and define the data collection methodology for baseline and evaluation
  • Develop a Cost Benefit Analysis/SROI Framework to show value for money
  • Produce an overall social impact framework report that details: statistics about their cause, what to measure, how to measure it and how to present the data
  • Develop new process maps and a requirements specification for implementing a CRM system to monitor and manage their community assets, stakeholders and impact data.


As part of this work, one of the first tasks BRT undertook was to undertake a local residents survey and event to identify local perceptions of the centre. The BRT team promoted the event and in total 600 residents attended and 400 completed the survey, giving them a great set of baseline data to kick off their impact measurement framework.

Geoffrey Ocen, CEO of the Bridge Renewal Trust, concludes ‘Thankyou very much for all of your hard work. We have enjoyed working with the Economic Change team, and have found you very helpful and knowledgeable.’ We are now working with BRT to secure funding to develop their Salesforce CRM system. 

The theory of change model can be seen below. The reference to numbers in the TOC relate to influential stakeholders detailed in the full Impact Report. .





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