Theory of Change Models – More Important Than Ever!

What’s all this talk about Theory of Change Models and why do we even need them?

Theory of Change Models are a graphic representation of a change process – They are used to define the building blocks used to reach your goal (often looking at outcomes, results, accomplishments, or preconditions). They summarise your approach and the impact your project or organisation is trying to achieve.

This creates a great tool to use in marketing and communications, as it sums up your project or organisation on one A4 page.  At a time when funding is competitive and showing your impact is more of a need than a want, they can help visually explain complex relationships and show your organisations strategy in one easy sweep.

We have recently helped some of our clients map out social impact frameworks for a project or their organisation – check out some examples below.

As you can see the format of the diagram changes depending on the intervention, range of stakeholders and and associated outcomes. There is no one size fits all but the principles are the same.

To find out more and how to create your own Theory of Change Model attend our Measuring Social Impact Masterclass – Click here to find out more








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