Homeless Link Training Workshops: Client Case Study


Client Case Study

Homeless Link: Supporting Day Centres to Embrace Change

Homeless Link’s Day Centres Project supports and promotes the role of day services in preventing and responding to homelessness. The project brings together regional and national networks, using peer support and strategic alliances to share ideas, pool resources and tackle common challenges. The Social Enterprise Community of Practice aims to increase the capacity of day centres to develop new ways of working, looking at areas such as co-production, business strategy and ideas for new ventures.

Economic Change was commissioned to run training workshops on Starting a Social Enterprise and Change Management, using our step by step e-guides as the foundation for learning. 1

Our Starting a Social Enterprise course provided guidance to the managers on how to take a logical approach to generating ideas, assessing the market, undertaking a feasibility study and developing a robust business plan.  We also share case studies about how other charities and developed social enterprise arms and the challenges and opportunities it presents culturally and commercially for the organisation.

Our Change Management c2ourse provided guidance to the managers on how to analyse the rational and readiness for change, and then prepare a strategy to plan, implement and embed change taking into consideration the needs of the organisation and the individuals effected by change. We shared case studies about different strategies that would suit different types of change projects and different types of organisation.



As a result of the course participants said:

The course made me realise that we needed to do more consultation with staff, and to take more interest in who my staff are with regards to their learning styles.”


I’ve come away knowing how to plan change more effectively, and getting clearer on how we collect data and what roles staff need to take.”


now know how to create a better business case for change.


The training was clear, really informative and provided some really useful tools.”


It’s provided a step-by-step process to planning a social enterprise from assessing the viability through to marketing.”

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