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Pardot for Charities – Marketing Solutions: Let’s Talk Pardot

As the second in our series of Blog articles looking at the Digital Marketing solutions from Salesforce, we look at its email marketing & automation tool Pardot for charities.Salesforce Pardot

We’ll start with the name – Pardot is pronounced Par-dot (no need for your best French accents here). Pardot is actually Latvian for ‘to sell’ and originally was a Latvian company before Salesforce came along. Try it out on Google Translate if you don’t believe me – it’s true!

It might not appear immediately obvious why Pardot is a great solution when it comes to charities, but it’s a really versatile tool which can help your marketing team make a much bigger impact.

Here are my top 5 best bits of Pardot for charities:

1. Complete digital integration

Already have Salesforce? With a connector in place, your Pardot and Salesforce records sync every 2-10 minutes, meaning that your teams can access real-time data from Pardot in Salesforce, and vice versa. What’s more, Pardot will integrate with your website and forms so that all data captured is send straight from Pardot to Salesforce. You have an end-to-end solution with no need for workarounds, spreadsheets or data imports (which also helps you to meet GDPR regulations too, as you have a complete picture of all interactions with each individual).

2. Easily segment your audience

How many times have you had to mess around with a spreadsheet to cut your data for an email campaign? Pardot’s marketing automation allows you to set rules to immediately identify segments, and add to a list every time a new record is added. Easy! This saves endless time manually manipulating data for events, targeted email campaigns and other comunications. Whatever it is you need to do, there’s probably an automation for it in Pardot.

3. Connect with other marketing tools

If you manage events, you’ll probably use Eventbrite. By enabling the connector, you can segment events attendees (and those who didn’t attend), send reminders, tailored follow-ups and speaker slides. Pardot will also track interactions with anything you send, so you can create tailored customer journeys for your events attendees. You can also connect with Bitly, Google Analytics (for personalised organic and paid-for search results), Wistia (for tracking interaction with video) to name a few. You can even connect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to view activity on an individual prospect level.

4. Understand who’s ready to donate, join or act

Pardot’s lead scoring and grading allows you to score interactions with all your digital marketing assets (including your website, forms and site search) to build a score for each individual on your Pardot database. You can set custom scoring actions e.g. for each link click, add 10 points. Your most engaged individuals might then be sent for follow up with your membership, fundraising or business development teams (if you have Pardot Plus and above, you can also score individuals against each area of interest e.g. Fundraising, so you can be clear on the areas they’re most likely to take action) which is ideal for charities as you can focus your sales efforts on your most engaged individuals. Pardot Grading then allows you to assign each individual a Grade, which demonstrates their fit with your picture of your ideal donor, lead or member. Identified individuals with a great score and grade can automatically be identified, and sent to your team for follow-up. The team will have a complete picture of an individual’s actions, so can better understand and anticipate their needs on this call.

5. Create great looking email templates

Pardot is a great email marketing solution for charities. There are a huge amount of template layouts available to you, which can easily be tailored to your brand style, or you can copy in custom coded HTML if your team has the skills and the inclination! Subject lines and content can be dynamic, meaning your emails are tailored to each recipient personally, to increase engagement and help build relationships with your audience. It also comes with a ready-made email preference centre, so your recipients can self-manage their opt-ins to different topics and lists, so the information you send to them remains relevant and they are engaged with your stories. Each link in Pardot is tracked and reported on, and you can score recipients based upon the actions they take on receiving the email.

Looking to review your email marketing or to embrace automation? Contact us to arrange to talk to a member of the Marketing Solutions team about your requirements.

Want to understand more? Watch the Nonprofit Pardot Demo from’s Cindy Penningnieuwland >>


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