Supercharge your CRM Strategy

Are you working on a new international or national CRM strategy?

Wondering how to engage different teams across different locations and with varied priorities?

Wanting to avoid some of the main challenges around lack of adoption or buy-in?

Breakfast 8.30 – 11.30 am on the 5th March

Join us at Salesforce Towers to find out and discuss ideas of how to enthuse and engage people in your project, and embed a new way of working. Learn about the key principles of Change Management and its importance as part of a digital transformation strategy.

Heather Black, Managing Director of Economic Change, an experienced CRM Consultant and Change Management practitioner, will be leading the discussion, and will be joined by a number of customers to share their experience about the challenges, learning and approaches of rolling out Salesforce across dispersed teams.

Our guests include:

  • David Chater, former Head of Funds at Power to Change,
  • Penny Rodie from School for Social Entrepreneurs and
  • Martin Brockwell, Senior Consultant at Economic Change CIC who previously managed national CRM roll-outs for Family Action and De Paul.

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