Make Digital Transformation a Reality for your Charity

There is no question that bringing your organisation up to speed within our tech dominated lives can make a real difference to how charities operate on a day to day basis.

There is only so much you can do on an excel spreadsheet and with competition for funding getting tougher by the day, charities need to show accurate data of who they have helped and how.

One of the biggest challenges facing small charities is the cost involved in moving all their operations online and making sure that that system works for them and allows them the flexibility to make changes as they grow.

Many of the affordable CRM tools available don’t allow for this level of customisation or flexibility and Charities then face the challenge of having to adjust what they do to fit in with what is on offer.

Thought about Salesforce?

Salesforce allows for this level of customisation and flexibility, but its reputation as one of the biggest CRMs in the world can cause smaller organisations to think it may be unsuitable or unobtainable.

The first stumbling block is the cost of the software – Salesforce helps us out there with its corporate philanthropy model of 1% of their time, 1% of their product and 1% of their profit being put back into the community.

Charities are able to take advantage of 10 Free Licences for perpetuity which for many organisations is more than enough to get up and running.

These are not bottom of the range licences, they are full licences with access to an extensive range of Salesforce functionality which can make a noticeable difference in the success of a charity.

What next?

Once a charity has licences there is still the question of what to do with them.

The Salesforce system itself is a daunting prospect with jargon that seems more appropriate to a corporate Sales team than a small charity and that is where Economic Change comes in.

Since 2017, Economic Change has helped 57 charities make their digital transformation aims a reality through our Small Charity Discount Package. We understand that charities don’t have unlimited amounts of money to pour into a digital makeover so we introduced our package which gives organisations the chance to take that step forward into the Salesforce environment, customise the system to work for them and plan for future growth and development.

How does it work?

We do this with the help of Salesforce Supermums.

Aimed specifically at mum’s who were looking for a career change or a route back into the work place after and extended period of leave, the Salesforce Supermums training course puts them en route to achieving their Salesforce Administrators certification.

Salesforce offers a myriad of opportunities suitable for mums who are looking for more flexible work around their children and is often a stepping stone into a new career. As part of the course, trainee Supermums deliver 48 hours worth of free support to charities with the support of a qualified Salesforce Consultant. 

The benefits here are twofold: Firstly, the Supermum is able to take the knowledge she has gained and put it into practice in a real life situation. Being able to do this gives many mums the confidence to take the next step from doing a course to moving into the working environment.

Secondly, the charity benefits from the free time in the build of their project. The 6 free days makes up 50% of the total project time and this is what enables us to develop customised, flexible systems for charities which can significantly make a difference to how a charity operates on a day to day basis.

To date, Economic Change has supported £234,000 worth of free time to charities across England making a significant difference to the charities who have benefited and the trainees who have delivered the work.  We find that once charities have started working with Salesforce it is easier to justify and fund any ongoing development work.

The Small Charities Discount Package will cover the initial set up and customisation of two or three high level requirements and we are happy to advise and support on any future work which they are looking to achieve.

“As a tiny non-profit with very limited time and resources to commit to our Salesforce implementation, Economic Change’s Supermums programme was perfect for us. Our Supermum, Erica, had already received comprehensive Salesforce training, so she already knew a great deal about the system and how to adapt it for our needs, and had the back up of more experienced staff at Economic Change when needed. Erica was conscientious about completing the build and tenacious when it came to problem solving and trained me to take over as Admin once the project was finished. I would highly recommend this programme to non-profits looking to implement Salesforce on a budget.”

Becky Smith, Associate Director at Culture Shift

Ready to transform your charity?

If you are a Charity considering digital transformation, you are welcome to get in touch with us to discuss your options and see if Salesforce and our Package are right for you. You can either email our Business Development Manager Barbara Clarkson or book a meeting with her directly here:

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