Transforming Housing Associations – To make them fit for the future

for-rentWith welfare changes influencing the way the social housing market operates; housing associations are facing increasing challenges to reduce costs and raise funds for delivery of support services.

Yesterday at a special event with some experts got together with housing associations to discuss their challenges and some of the solutions available that have been successfully adopted by their peers to make things ‘easier’ for their employees, tenants and other stakeholders.

The conversation focussed on improving methods to track support and outcomes with tenants, improving communications outlets using social and diversifying the ways to collect income. We also focussed on change management as a fundamental ingredient to instigating or making a change project successful for any Housing Association.

[highlight dark=”no”]Improving Tenant Support[/highlight]  – The Economic Change team shared how they have supported Housing Associations to improve management of their support services and track the impact of their work with tenants. This has enabled them to prove the value of their services to potential funders. Over the last 5 years we have supported housing associations to develop a theory of change model, implement monitoring processes and use Salesforce CRM to track interventions with tenants and analyse impact real-time. Check out one of our CRM case study’s – Dot Dot Dot

A2dominion on measuring impactOne of our clients Toby Mallowan, Community Investment Team Manager, from A2Dominion, says.. “Attending the impact measurement training has changed the way our department conducts its project planning process. Staff are now utilising the principles of the theory of change model as part of the project planning process, this in turn has enabled our coordinators to look at what outcomes their projects are looking to achieve with beneficiares.”

[highlight dark=”no”]Improving Tenant Communication[/highlight] – Media Measurement shared how they had supported Peterborough City Council to embrace social dialogue, and embed social media tools within their customer service practices so they can listen to tenant needs and respond easily and quickly to tenant’s who prefer to use social media to converse. Customer service is increasingly moving into the social realm and the social studio offered by Salesforce supports this transition for any call centre.

[highlight dark=”no”]Improving Payment Options[/highlight] – Payonomy  alongside L & Q spoke about diversifying ways of taking rent payments to make it easier for tenants to pay. Working together they have introduced ways to pay by telephone, online or set up direct debits, to improve processes for both tenants and employees. Relevant information is now successfully transferred into their Salesforce CRM and payment system to track payments and arrears.

At the heart of these solutions, data related to interactions and outcomes with tenants is all captured in Salesforce CRM against an individual contact, so you achieve a 360-degree view of what is happening at an individual level with tenants as well as being able to aggregate the data for greater analysis.

This all sounded great to the listeners, but one of the biggest challenges facing housing associations is how to do you make the change and get everyone on board. In response we covered off some essential points for change management within our session.

In the new year we are offering training in [highlight dark=”no”]Change Management[/highlight]. The workshop is for individuals who are leading a change within their organisation and it will equip them with the tools and skills to get a project started and embed it the right way. Find out more about our Change Management workshops here

You might also be interested in our CRM Planning Workshop or Impact Measurement Masterclass. Check out our events here. 

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