Ways to Empower Volunteers- Celebrating Volunteers Week

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It’s Volunteers Week so we want to celebrate how our clients have ramped up the volunteer management programmes using Salesforce.

They have successfully increased their numbers, improved engagement and retention rates and attracted more positive feedback as a result of using Salesforce.

Check out the stories below.

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Dot Dot Dot had big ambitions and they wanted in place systems to scale their organisation and volunteer network nationally. They have grown significantly over the last few years and their systems have helped to power this growth. Read their story 

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As a large national team they needed improved efficiency and co-ordination across all of their volunteer programmes. They now use Salesforce to manage volunteers across their charity shops, employability services and schools and provide a supportive community for their volunteers to update their availability and ask questions. Read their story

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Were looking for a secure way of managing information exchange and tracking updates between their mentors and mentees. They opted for a salesforce community to give mentors a secure way of seeing and inputting information. Read their story here

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Our Experts

To build on our success with volunteer management solutions we are delighted to welcome Nicola Gibba to the team as our new Volunteer Management Salesforce Consultant this week. She has 13 years non-profit experience working in Volunteer Management and managed an international salesforce project. Her previous roles were at Lattitude Global Volunteering, VSO, Groundwork, EMERGE 3’s and Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education. We are delighted to have her join our passionate team of consultants.

Do you fancy empowering your team and volunteers using Salesforce?

At Economic Change we can offer a full implementation package. We can even offer a few small charities a discounted implementation package subject to availability. This discount is available for projects starting in June or August on a first come first served basis. Contact Conway Buckle if  would like to find out more about how to improve your volunteer management solutions using Salesforce.

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