Why is Salesforce CRM great for Contract Management

Within this blog, we have highlighted some of the main features that makes the Salesforce CRM so perfect for public sector contract management. We have implemented Salesforce for clients (both for prime contractors and their supply chains) to manage a wide range of public sector contracts, commissioned by DWP, SFA, Cabinet Office, DCLG, LEGI, ESF, EDRF, DfES, LDA, Supported Living amongst others. Salesforce CRM have been pro-active in taking steps to ensure their system is fit for purpose for UK Government security expectations. It has a UK data centre, strict security credentials, and it is now used internally by some central government departments and local authorities as a CRM of choice. Salesforce CRM is the sixth largest global software provider in the UK, sitting alongside Microsoft and Oracle – it’s functionality and capabilities are extensive. This sophisticated product is however, available at discounted rates for non-profits. The Salesforce Foundation offers free and discounted licenses to non-profits, which makes it a great solution at an affordable price for the VCSE sector. We have detailed some of the best features of Salesforce CRM below:
  • Determine level of interaction – set up different levels of security for various stakeholders who need to access the system e.g. staff, contractors, volunteers, funders, beneficiaries etc.
  • Real-time Impact measurement – Salesforce provides flexible reporting tools and dashboards to enable real-time reporting to track performance against outputs and outcomes as data is entered into the system.
  • Fully customisable – Set up custom objects and fields to track the specific data you need to collect for your organisation and your distinct contracts.
  • 360 Degree view of customers – View the whole history of interaction and intervention related to an individual across programmes and services from one record.
  • Team and financial management – Manage HR, CPD, invoicing and expense management to align with contract management.
  • Improve efficiency – Utilise workflow rules, email templates, on-line data collection forms, approval processes, formula fields, amongst other tools to speed up processes and decrease administration costs.
We design Salesforce so it aids the organisation to manage and track delivery across multiple-contracts, so they can see the performance overview for the organisation as a whole, or they can filter down to a specific contract as required. Our starting point of design is to understand the reports you would like to extract from the system and your daily processes, to help build a structure that will gather and analyse the data in the correct way e.g. Analysing demographics against outcomes, or location and outcomes. Our client list includes a range of economic development, youth development and social care focussed organisations with national to locality authority contracts.

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