Volunteer Management for Dot Dot Dot

The Context

A pioneering and award-winning social enterprise. Dot Dot Dot provides guardians with good quality housing which is much more cost effective than the private rental market. And they make a positive difference to communities by ensuring that guardians are great neighbours who volunteer for good causes while preventing the blight that empty buildings cause.

The Challenge

Dot Dot Dot were struggling with their data being held in a multitude of different places, including spreadsheets and paper files. They were keen to grow as an organisation and realised that they had to improve processes and data management to make them scalable

The Solution

We supported Dot Dot Dot to develop an impact measurement framework and design and implement a Salesforce CRM system for tenant, property and volunteer management, with the support of an Impact Readiness Grant, managed by Social Investment Business.We implemented Salesforce’s Non-Profit Success Pack to enable Dot Dot Dot to track all their contacts, along with Volunteers for Salesforce to track volunteering hours logged by each property guardian. They also make use of Salesforce Mobile to provide  access to offsite teams, including maintenance and sales teams. Most formerly manual processes are now automated, saving huge amounts of time on admin and ensuring that information is at the team’s fingertips in Salesforce as soon as it is submitted.

“Economic Change developed a good understanding of our business and our requirements, and from that developed solutions which have helped us deliver better services and scale up. Our Salesforce database now helps us track engagement, interactions and information about our landlords and tenants which has improved efficiency and allows us to scale up our operation as well as measure our impact better.”
Peter Brown
Managing Director

The Results

Before implementing Salesforce, Dot Dot Dot were a small team running a number of properties within a bike ride of their office in Tower Hamlets; they now have a network of over 1000 guardians, and properties across the UK. Adding new guardians, properties, and employees is a simple few clicks.Their Salesforce system not only keeps things organised and leaves endless room for further growth – it also enables them to track their impact and develop innovative campaigns to further raise awareness of their organisation. They are currently celebrating 100 years of volunteering since 2011 – that’s 160,000 hours their property guardians have contributed to their local communities!

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