Creating a Vision for Change with your CRM

We all share the vision for introducing a new CRM of having happy team members, customers and positive outcomes for the organisation! So how can we prevent an implementation project from going wrong?

One of the key principles, is to have a change management strategy in place. It is not something to ignore, it is a practical must have requirement for any CRM implementation.

During the month of July we will be sharing some of our top tips for supporting change management and giving you the chance to

Download our e-guide to Change Management for free – only available during July!

Defining the Vision for the Team

The first step is to understand your vision and goals for implementing a CRM. The goals may be driven by the leadership team and also the front-line staff. It’s valuable to establish the benefits for all involved How to maximise user engagement and adoption.

To align all stakeholders expectations and goals for the system, it is important to ask the following questions.

How will the CRM help with? :-

  • Improved team co-ordination
  • Better customer service and satisfaction
  • Improve data protection and security
  • Easier data collection and monitoring through digital enablement
  • Improved data analysis and intelligence to measure impact and secure funding

How do you engage and support  users to adopt Salesforce


Once you have created the vision for the team, it’s about supporting and empowering the team to use the system. Here are some of our useful tips to support the embedding process:-

  • Engage users in design and ongoing salesforce champion discussion workshops.
  • Allow adequate time and space for team members to interrogate the system.
  • Create dashboards and reports that are valuable to end users.
  • Ensure there is a salesforce administrator at the end of the phone to provide support.
  • Make sure your business rules for using the system are clear.
  • Provide engaging and exciting training to get users on board with the system.

If you are looking for advice on how to successfully implement a new Salesforce CRM system at your non-profit,

Download our E-Guide to Change Management – only available during the month of July.


You can also come and hear Economic Change MD Heather Black speaking at Chase 25, about Change Management. If you would like to come and speak to one of our implementation team about a new CRM implementation project, or ongoing support service options for a current system, we’ll also be exhibiting at stand no. 20.

At Economic Change we thrive on supporting non-profits to achieve their potential, by supporting them to maximise the effectiveness of their Salesforce CRM systems. Contact us to arrange a free consultation to discuss a quote for your  Salesforce implementation project here





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