Realising Community Assets into Social Enterprise Models.


outside-chestnuts-centre-01Local community organisations may have acquired a local asset on a sole-ownership, community asset transfer or lease basis. These assets can be invaluable to the commercial viability of their organisation, as the space can offer a number of opportunities for developing trading services to generate income:


Some of the ideas that organisations have developed include:

  • A creche or nursery business
  • Internal event and meeting room space to local groups and residents
  • Residential or commercial tenant space
  • Green space to deliver events and conferences
  • Sports and leisure facilities

If you are keen to undertake a feasibility study, business plan and secure investment to maximise the use of a community asset, you may be eligible and able to apply for a grant from either Power to Change or Big Potential to help kick start the process.

At Economic Change, we have supported a number of community-led organisations with

[checklist type=”eg. checked, dotted, arrowed”]

  • Feasibility studies
  • Business planning
  • Social impact measurement
  • CRM Management systems using Salesforce
  • Raising investment


Check out some of our case studies here The Selby TrustSt Albans Community Centre Bridge Renewal Trust

If you would like support from our team then please contact us about our services.

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